with Rajeshwari Gretchen Carmel.

AUGUST 10th, 3-5pm, 2019.

Register at Bethel Farm at the time of the event.

Chakras are dynamic wheels of energy, spinning wheels of light, vortexes in our subtle body. Each major chakra corresponds with major nerve ganglia which are located along the spine of our physical body. Chakras are also meeting points of subtle energy channels called Nadis. Sanskrit mantra is an energy-based language having a direct correlation to the chakra system. Each letter and word carries a specific frequency, which when chanted properly, can purify, balance, strengthen and heal.

During this workshop, you will:

  • Learn the history and energetics of Sanskrit Mantra, including how the Sanskrit language is directly connected to the Chakra system,
  • Learn the location, color, symbology and seed sounds associated with each of the seven major Chakras located along the spine,
  • Learn about additional esoteric Chakras such as the Hrit Padma, Manas Chakra, Soma Chakra and Guru Chakra, plus Chakra systems that are placed in our spiritual anatomy, in every organ and gland,
  • Learn the healing benefits of a Chakra altar, how to create and maintain one,
  • Experience a powerful Chakra Meditation with visualization and mantra,
  • Be guided through a journaling process to reveal areas of personal balance and/or imbalance.

Each participant will receive handouts and guidance on a chakra mantra practice to begin at home. This workshop is intended for all levels.


Rajeshwari is a designated YACEP, Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider, with course credit hours honored by Yoga Alliance.