About the Farm

Bethel Farm is a small yoga and living arts center in the woods of Hillsborough, NH. We offer an atmosphere conducive to deep inner reflection and self sadhana.

Bethel Farm is a 501c3 non-profit organization and now accepts tax deductible donations.

Our mission is

To offer a safe, inclusive atmosphere that promotes conscious spiritual practice, yoga, and the living arts;

To provide a space for classes, workshops, retreats, and residencies that honor all spiritual traditions;

To make available simple accommodations and vegetarian meals;

To encourage the creation and sharing of music, art, and writing as celebrations of the spirit;

To practice and share sustainable agricultural techniques that are in harmony with the land;

To cultivate a relationship and reverence for the land and its healing power.

Our promise

Is to continue to focus on the healing, thriving, and wholeness of others.

To continue providing a space for individuals to connect, learn, study, and gather, a creative community focused on uplifting the spirit through yoga, meditation, earth sensitive farming, the creative arts, and a profound engagement with the land.

Any contributions will help us offer a wider range of yoga classes, expanded programs, additional resources for staffing, scholarships and sliding scale fee options for participants in our programs.