We offer simple, bright, accommodations for those who would like to have a relaxing getaway.
Please contact us in advance for availability.

We have three double rooms, a 5 person dormitory and a 10 person dorm.
We also offer a small cabin for 2-3 people, as well as 8 tent platforms for 12 people.
Bathrooms are shared. There are indoor facilities, as well as outdoor showers, sinks, and composting toilets.

Our sunwashed yoga studio is 26 x 36 feet.
There is a shared common space with full kitchen.
On the ground floor is a second sitting area.

For larger groups (10 or more people), meals are served in our spacious dining commons.

Our property includes a large sauna, pond  for swimming, and hiking trails.

The total effect is,
Harmonious – Spacious – Peaceful