Reed Hayes

It was easily the most transformative experience of my life, to date.

As I try to put words to my thoughts, feelings and memories of the journey, everything seems trite against my new backdrop. How does one quantify life-changing enlightenment with simple words? “So Hum – I am that”. Bethel Farm is a peaceful magical place that embodies the energy of so many whom have come before, and a light shines here that promises of things to come.

Being able to practice here and learn with Stephen Bethel offers an opportunity to thoroughly immerse yourself into the four paths of yoga and to connect to, and become part of, the lineage of Jivamukti Yoga in a way that would be difficult to duplicate in any other way.

It is a gift to oneself that will never be regretted, and I will remain eternally grateful to Stephen, Kristen and my new extended family for shining the light on my path and filling me with love.