In leading several retreats at Bethel Farm, I’ve been most grateful for the skillfulness and sense of intention there. Bethel and Kristen have created a little gem of quiet simplicity. It’s a true expression of the yogic path- of being fully alive in a balanced way that lends itself to being present, with deep connection to nature and to one self.

Bethel Farm has been a wonderful setting for the multi-day therapeutic retreats I guide for my clients. The farm offers all the ingredients for a rich and centering experience: the yoga and meditation space, access to nature, quiet, simplicity and quietly spiritual atmosphere have been their own medicine. My clients and I have been soothed, supported and inspired by the obvious skillful intention evident at the farm. It has allowed our work to drop into a uniquely deep rhythm, and that’s part of what helps new ways of being to emerge. I’m very grateful to have found Bethel Farm.

– Annelie Mullen