Amandalee Kasilowski

The benefits I received from this training are endless and lifelong!

To say that this was an amazing and completely transformational experience and journey doesn’t even begin to sum up what I will be taking with me. The lessons I received here are greatly deeper than just the topics we have studied and been introduced too. What I have received from staying and studying here over the past year will continue to have an impact on the rest of my life and beyond. I’m so excited to travel, explore, and experience life outside of NH, but one of my huge reasons I never felt ready to move on and venture out was my worry of what I would do without Bethel Farm. I have never experienced a practice as profound as I have here and I never wanted to lose that feeling or safe place. But now after the teacher training I feel ready to spread my wings and fly. I now have the teachings that will never leave me, and Bethel Farm will be with me wherever I end up. I have the knowledge to move on to my next journey in life whether it be 1 year or 5 years from now, I am ready. This teacher training taught me so much more than Yoga linage, sequencing, and pranayama. It has given me the tools to be successful in all aspects of my life, my Yoga journey, and whatever other path I may find myself on. I am forever thankful for the teachings from Stephen and everyone involved at Bethel Farm.

Thankfully now after this year I will be prepared to grow and flourish in life and be successful at whatever I face, whatever life throws my way and whatever I set my heart to. Thank you Steve.