Dates: Opportunities All Year Long

Location: Bethel Farm in Hillsborough, NH

Pictures: Click here for a full slideshow

Are you in a transition in life, and need a place to reflect and learn some things in the process? Or maybe you are planning to start your own garden and want to learn some organic methods to get you started? Or perhaps you just want a place where you can get away from busy life and center yourself?

We invite you to join us for a month of learning and living yoga and gardening. We offer small scale farming, organic sustainable practices, with minimal use of machinery.  The cycle of grazing animals, manure, and food production.

We are looking for 4-8 excited people to join us for a month or longer this summer. You can apply with the link below. We look forward to seeing you on the farm soon.

Skills & Projects covered this year

  • Sustainable Agriculture Skills
  • Permaculture Skills
  • Extending the Growing Season with a Greenhouse
  • Saving Seeds
  • Designing and building cold storage
  • Efficient Building – Local Materials, Building with the sun and with the land
  • Sun Drying Tomatos
  • Sustainably harvesting firewood
  • Creating and maintaining trails in the open areas around the farm
  • Managing our water resources
  • Daily Yoga Classes
  • Delivering surplus harvests to the Hillsborough food pantry
  • Animal care introduction – chickens & horses

Application Process

Please contact us for any questions you might have, or to start the application process.


The Apprentice Program is Free. We do have a $100 administration fee for all apprentices.


  • Use of the sauna, pond, hiking trails, biking etc.
  • Free time an important element.
  • Daily Yoga & Meditation available
  • Be a part of a growing retreat center – possible to stay on longer for those who are able to contribute in a meaningful way.

Room & Food

  • Off-site: You are welcome to stay off site
  • Free Camping: You can find a great place on the farm to set your tent. We have outdoor bathrooms you can use.
  • Free Shared Room: When available.
  • Food is provided when we have retreats and trainings. Otherwise, apprentices are responsible for their own food and can use one of our kitchens for cooking.