The benefits I received from this training are endless and lifelong!

To say that this was an amazing and completely transformational experience and journey doesn’t even begin to sum up what I will be taking with me. The lessons I received here are greatly deeper than just the topics we have studied and been introduced too. What I have received from staying and studying here over the past year will continue to have an impact on the rest of my life and beyond. I’m so excited to travel, explore, and experience life outside of NH, but one of my huge reasons I never felt ready to move on and venture out was my worry of what I would do without Bethel Farm. I have never experienced a practice as profound as I have here and I never wanted to lose that feeling or safe place. But now after the teacher training I feel ready to spread my wings and fly. I now have the teachings that will never leave me, and Bethel Farm will be with me wherever I end up. I have the knowledge to move on to my next journey in life whether it be 1 year or 5 years from now, I am ready. This teacher training taught me so much more than Yoga linage, sequencing, and pranayama. It has given me the tools to be successful in all aspects of my life, my Yoga journey, and whatever other path I may find myself on. I am forever thankful for the teachings from Stephen and everyone involved at Bethel Farm.

Thankfully now after this year I will be prepared to grow and flourish in life and be successful at whatever I face, whatever life throws my way and whatever I set my heart to. Thank you Steve.


Amandalee Kasilowski – 4 Seasons Teacher Training 2018

It was easily the most transformative experience of my life, to date.

As I try to put words to my thoughts, feelings and memories of the journey, everything seems trite against my new backdrop. How does one quantify life-changing enlightenment with simple words? “So Hum – I am that”. Bethel Farm is a peaceful magical place that embodies the energy of so many whom have come before, and a light shines here that promises of things to come.

Being able to practice here and learn with Stephen Bethel offers an opportunity to thoroughly immerse yourself into the four paths of yoga and to connect to, and become part of, the lineage of Jivamukti Yoga in a way that would be difficult to duplicate in any other way.

It is a gift to oneself that will never be regretted, and I will remain eternally grateful to Stephen, Kristen and my new extended family for shining the light on my path and filling me with love.


Reed Hayes – 4 Seasons Teacher Training 2018

I choose to join Bethel Farm 4 Seasons Teacher Training for two reasons.

First, I wanted to learn to teach the the methods that have improved my day-to-day life, quieted my mind, furnished me with the tools to battle anxiety, and simply made me a better, happier person.

Second, I wanted to deepen my daily practice, both on and off the mat. What I left with has far exceeded my expectations.

I am now confident that I can share these ancient methods in detail with both fellow yogis looking to grow their practice and to the curious lay person. My practice has also deepened further than I ever thought possible. What I initially thought would be simply a didactic experience turned out to be an emotional, spiritual journey of healing. Incredibly, as I leave, I know this is only the beginning of that journey. I have gained the tools to guide my spiritual evolution in a way that can help in self-healing.


Andrew Lynn – 4 Seasons Teacher Training 2018

Bethel Farm offers a journey to learn ways in becoming one with the Light. Bethel Farm holds space to shed old ways of being and dark ways of feeling. The community on this land rooted in such acceptance, wisdom & love. It is the medicine I needed for deep healing & self-realization. I now feel confident in my ability to extend the gifts I’ve received here to make the world a healthier and more positive place.


Jillian – Four Season Teacher Training 2018

While my objective for pursuing the training was to receive a teacher certification… I finished the program with so much more. Stephen and Kristen of Bethel Farm have created a wonderful community and family of yogis and people who believe in the interconnectedness of all human beings. The energy and spirit of the training was charged with the love for “all beings, everywhere”. As a student, I was tasked with finding the light and beauty in all things and through all situations, be it difficult or easy. Through daily asana practice, meditation, chanting, ancient text study, gardening, community service, music and drumming, and much more… my spiritual life and mental health were enriched and recharged.

Stephen is a phenomenal teacher. His concern and guidance for each student was sincere, nurturing, and kind. Stephen’s ability to teach dynamic, challenging, fun sequences and flows is a gift. Having completed the 4-season teacher training at Bethel Farms, I totally understand why so many amazing teachers and students jump at the chance to study with Stephen at Bethel Farm. The family of yogis there have truly impacted my life in lasting ways… and I am eternally grateful for having the opportunity to study with Stephen Bethel and having become a part of the community at Bethel Farm.


David – Four Season Teacher Training 2018

I highly recommend the Bethel Farm Yoga Four Seasons Teacher Training. It brings together deeply knowledgeable teachers, small student-to-teacher ratio, opportunities to experience the material rather than just to read it, the benefits of intensive-time-together (5 day residential modules) and time-apart-to-process-the-experience (4 such modules spread over an entire year), nourishing and delicious vegetarian meals, all in a natural, beautiful, pastoral and wooded setting.

My time in this program started by meeting a small group of fellow seekers from very diverse backgrounds and stages in life. I was not sure how we would coalesce as a group but over time I felt my classmates becoming part of my extended spiritual family. Under the guidance of Stephen, Kristen and the rest of the wonderful staff, exemplifying and amplifying the spirit of Yoga, I experienced a living example of individual selfs (with the small “s”) recognizing that together they are the one Self.

Wherever you are on the path of Yoga this program will give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to take the next step.


Shota – Four Season Teacher Training 2018