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Thursday, June 26, 2014
7:30 PM
$15-20 Sliding scale

Kirtan Soul Revival (KSR) is New York City’s funkiest devotional mantra music experience. They use traditional Sanskrit mantras, original music, spirituals and music from around the world to create a unique, dynamic sound that merges funk, rock, rhythm and blues, world grooves, and chants. Lush three-part harmonies add fullness and depth to their sound. Kirtan is a celebration of spirit through the chanting of sacred names. KSR invites their audiences to participate fully through call-and-response chanting. Through KSR’s simple presentation, even non-singers can easily experience the joy of being surrounded by harmony  in a space that encourages improvisation and exploration. The Kirtan Soul Revival experience invites participants to open their hearts to Spirit and to life!

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Only Here For Love-

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“KSR has a unique sound – beautiful vocals and harmonies, earthy arrangements, and juicy electric guitar. They’re sweet, funky and fun. As young Mantra Musicians, they bring a special energy to their chanting and a great blend of traditional and modern sounds. They are undoubtedly part of the Mantra Revolution and share my passion of bringing kirtan and sacred music to the masses.”  -Gaura Vani, kirtan artist

“I played Ganesha Sharanam by Kirtan Soul Revival for about 2 months straight in my car. I just couldn’t get enough of it. What great energy and fresh melodies, I just love these three! They have great voices and lots of bhakti to share.” -Wah!, kirtan artist

“Kirtan Soul Revival is a fresh and exuberant addition to the world of Kirtan. This NYC based trio mixes heart drenched melodies, lush harmonies and infectious grooves, serving up a sultry and dreamy passion that works it’s way into every corner of your heart. In person or on CD, their original chants will get your hands clapping and feet stomping. This group is not to be missed!” -Mike Cohen, kirtan artist

“For every gathering Kirtan Soul Revival has hosted with us, our studio is truly blessed.  KSR offers inspirational vibrations that not only resonate deep within the hearts of all who sing with them, but to all who move and breathe their practice here at Shambhala.  Their voices bathe the walls of our studio with pure beauty.” -Sarah Schumann, owner Shambhala Yoga & Dance Center