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Four Season Yoga Teacher Training postponed until 2022

Develop your own authentic teaching voice

200 Hour Training In Four Modules, Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

Each module begins Wednesday evening at 4:00 pm and goes to Monday evening at 4:00 PM. Exact dates for the modules have yet to be determined.

WINTER January 26-31 Focus- the physical body
SPRING May 12-17  Focus- the subtle body
SUMMER August 11-16 Focus- Bhakti (devotion)
            FALL November 3-7  Focus- the Royal Path ( eight limbs of yoga)

Join us for our unique yoga teacher training, arranged over four seasons at magical Bethel Farm. The training is based on the ancient Gurukula System, where students live, study and help out at the family compound of their teacher. Enrollment is limited to ten students for maximum personal interaction.

Yoga at Bethel Farm is an earth based spiritual pursuit. In addition to studying the classic tradition of yoga, we will align the art of yoga with the art of growing food, and the connection to wild life. Each seasonal module will include time spent outdoors putting yoga into action – farming and foraging.

Each of the four modules has a special focus. We will move from the more external practices to the more internal. We will begin focusing on the physical body in the winter session. In spring, our attention will be on the subtle body, energy and the chakra system. The summer module focus will be on heart opening devotional practices. In the fall we will emphasize the more inward practices of yoga and get an overarching view of all the practices we have learned.

The Quad Mod format balances five day immersions with time to absorb the lessons and integrate them into one’s life. It allows for some long term practices to unfold between modules too; for instance, a 40 day mantra practice, or a 30 day breath exercise program. The community and instructors will be encouraged to stay in communication between modules, helping one another on the year long journey.

The primary teacher for the training is Stephen Bethel. He will guide students to deepen their own practice in asana, meditation, and pranayama, as a foundation to explore the art of teaching. He will share his extended study of the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, other foundational texts, and anatomy for yoga. We will weave yoga themes into lessons.

Guest Teachers will enhance the program with special segments. Chef Christine Fletcher will workshop the art of vegan cuisine, and the basics of Ayurvedic cooking. Other visitors will include Robert Moses on energy and breath, and Gretchen Carmel on mantra. Bethel and Tom Wilkins will offer an introduction into Native American spiritual practices, and the common threads shared with yoga.

Time will be ample for saunas, seasonal recreation– hiking, snowshoeing, swimming–visiting the waterfall down the road, and simply being alone in the woods.

Over the course of the year, we will cover the full array of subjects required by the Yoga Alliance for a 200 hour teacher certification. Every season, we will gather late on a Wednesday afternoon, coming together for dinner and Satsang, connecting with the special community we have created. We will spend the next five nights and days together, and depart Monday evening. Three wonderful vegetarian meals a day, all accommodations, and the highest caliber instruction will be provided over the course of the year.

Total Cost: $3500.

Payment plans and partial work trade (up to $1000) are available.

There is a minimum of six students required to hold the program, and a maximum of eight students.

A $100 deposit will secure your spot.

If you are called to this training we will find a way to make it work for you financially.

$100 Down Payment Through PayPal Below

Don’t hesitate to call us  or email.


The complete asana class for this training is available for previewing below. This class will be practiced and analyzed in detail during the four modules. This video arranges the class into 14 distinct sequences, the start of each sequence is indicated with a title. Upon successful completion of the teacher training you will be able to guide this class on your own.