Bethel Farm, On Becoming a Jivamukti Affiliate Studio

While doing my Jivamukti  teacher training with Sharon Gannon and David Life at Omega Institute, I caught a glimpse of my home ground, Bethel  Farm, transformed into a small retreat center suffused with the ethos and energy of Jivamukti.  I saw a place where yoga students could gather for a weekend or a week for classes, workshops, and retreats in a secluded wood—a place to inspire Jivamukti and other yoga teachers  to lead their own retreats in a no pressure low fuss  atmosphere.

The new affiliate status is the perfect way for us to officially announce our connection to the mother ship, the worldwide network of Jivamukti studios, and the tribe of teachers and practitioners.

Its been a long time coming.  We began with twice weekly Open Classes in the art studio.  As interest grew, we started offering workshops and were blessed by visits from Ruth Lauer, Yogeswari, and Heather Lilleston.  Their ongoing support and interest in our development have been–beyond words– important to us.  (heads up—Lady Ruth is scheduled to return in late November).  These amazing masters have beaten the path to Bethel Farm, and now its your turn.

Is there a retreat you have been dreaming about offering but haven’t gotten the invite from Kripalu?  Or is there a teacher or singer you love and you want to spend a whole weekend with them and share the experience with others?  We are here to make it happen with you.

Since pushing the paintings and sculptures out of the way to roll out yoga mats, we have built a new light filled studio.  We have opened up the 200 year old farm house to retreat guests.  We have introduced the Sonampsh region to Jivamukti .  We have perfected some new vegan recipes.

For a recent weekend retreat we hosted  Devadas, kirtaniya of excellence who leads singing monthly at the NYC shala. We had two nights and days of kirtan, musically accompanied Open Classes, morning archana, great vegan food, and joyful spirits.  If you get a chance, ask Devadas how it went, or Lady Ruth, Yogeshwari, or Heather about the community here.  Let’s together make this an active affiliation. Maybe we’ll get a direct bus route from Canal Street.

Deep gratitude to Sharon and David.  Thank you for your support and blessing.

From the whole staff here at the farm:  Welcome

–Stephen Bethel